May 3, 2018

Why Haven’t You Tried Facial Cupping Yet?

​We all remember Michael Phelps at the 2016 Summer Olympics and not because of the medals he won or the World Records he set. We all looked at him with a puzzled expression wondering, “What are those purple circles all over him?” Who didn’t instantly ask Google for the answer? Come to find out he actually gave himself those marks on PURPOSE.


Known as “cupping,” the world is currently captivated with the process, from Olympic athletes to Hollywood’s elite stars (think Gwyneth Paltrow). And, of course, this “fad” isn’t really new at all. Cupping first dates back at least 2,000 years ago as a form of Chinese Medicine. Because of its increasing popularity, this alternative healing therapy has recently been studied quite a bit. According to a 2014 study by Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, there are positive short-term effects of cupping therapy on reducing pain intensity compared with no treatment, heat therapy, or conventional drugs. A 2016 study found that the increased skin temperature during and after cupping makes it effective for relieving chronic neck and shoulder pain.

With all these positive remarks (and because Hollywood’s top stars recommended it) I was ready to give it a try. With the intention of using larger cups on my C-section scar in order to break up scar tissue and relieve tightness, I ordered a set similar to this one on Amazon. After doing more research I learned that cupping is particularly effective when done on your face.  However, please note that only the smaller cups are designed for facial cupping. Putting a larger cup, meant for larger muscles, on your face can result in a large perfectly circular hickey on your face (Yes, I am speaking from personal experience). Even with my minor mishap, I have to say that facial cupping has done wonders for my skin and overall relaxed my facial muscles, reducing the appearance of wrinkles (and yes, it has also help loosen scar tissue around my C-section scar).

This is How Cupping Works:
A therapist places a small, specifically designed suction cup on your skin to create a suction vacuum that lifts and massages the facial tissue. Essentially, this vacuum brings blood to the surface of the suctioned skin (medically known as hyperemia or homeostasis). It is also a quick and easy way to perform your own facial rejuvenation using massaging cups in the comfort of your home. Noticeable results come from using the cups only five minutes per session two to three times per week.

What are the Benefits of Facial Cupping?
Facial cupping is non-invasive, inexpensive, and serves as a safe alternative to surgery or chemical treatments. It is an overall calming procedure that relaxes facial muscle tension and tightness and reduces overall stress. It offers many benefits related to aging skin including:

  • Reduces fine lines and deep wrinkles
  • Increases oxygen-rich blood circulation
  • Strengthens skin
  • Tones chin, jawline and neck
  • Increases the depth of your skincare products
  • Reduces scars, excess oil and pore size
  • Improves absorption and nutrient delivery to skin

How to ​Do Facial Cupping Yourself
I highly recommend watching videos of professionals sharing their tips and knowledge of the procedure.  

But the overall gist is as follows:

  1. Cleanse entire face and neck with your normal facial cleanser.
  2. Apply any type of oil completely over your entire face and neck. I prefer to use Vitamin C or Rosehip oil.
  3. Gently squeeze the facial cup and place it on your skin so that is creates a suction to the area.
  4. Glide the cup across your face and neck. If the cup does not easily glide, apply more oil and repeat.

A session should take about 5 minutes and should be done two-three times per week for optimal results.

​About the Author

​​Alex is a momma of two and a military wife currently living in North Carolina. A professional realtor and real estate guru, Alex is also a talented content writer for Buzzy Blogs.

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