June 4, 2018

This Summer’s Guide To Coffee Shop Drinks

Ray LaMontagne music softly playing below the sound of whirring espresso machines. A sweet smell of freshly baked, crumbly blueberry muffins. The rich essence of brewing coffee beans, and quiet chatter among friends amidst the clicking of computer keyboards...

​Welcome to the wonderful world of coffee shops.

​Since the first step to a cure is admitting you have a problem, I’ll admit it---I’m addicted to coffee shops. It’s not so much that I HAVE TO HAVE the $5 vanilla almond milk latte, it’s that I want the atmosphere that comes along with it. Seriously, the thought of visiting a new coffee shop gets my blood pumping like a cyclist coming down the last incline during the Tour de France. I love them that much.

Despite how deep my love affair with coffee shops runs, it’s safe to say it wasn’t always that way. There was a time when I would walk through the doors befuddled by the words on the board with no idea what to order. So, whether you are new to the coffee shop game, just looking for what’s good to wet your whistle, or searching for your next Instagram photo-op, this summer coffee shop drink guide was made for you.

Cold Brew & Iced Coffee

To really get the full summer coffee shop experience and find the drink you love, you need to know the basics. And, the basics start with understanding the difference between cold brew and iced coffee.  Although it sounds like the two should be synonymous, there certainly is a noticeable and distinct difference.

Cold brew coffee is crafted by steeping ground coffee overnight in cold water. Once the steep is complete, the final product is filtered to create an ultra concentrated, caffeine rich, liquid elixir perfect for any coffee based concoction.  

On the other hand, iced coffee is regular brewed coffee that has been cooled to room temperature, stored in the refrigerator, and then poured over ice with your favorite coffee additives.

Getting to the point, if you want a rich, strong coffee flavor for your iced drink go with cold brew. If you are into adding a lot of cream and sugar, or want a sweeter treat, iced coffee will do just fine.

Iced Matcha Latte

If you aren’t into coffee (weird), but still love cool coffee shop vibes, an iced matcha latte is the way to go. Gorgeously green, this drink offers a smooth sweetness that’s hard not to love.  

Not sure you want a green drink---here’s what’s in it. 

  • Matcha- a fine powder made from specialty green tea leaves.
  • Milk- Your choice! Regular, almond, coconut---it’s up to you!
  • Ice- Frozen water.
  • Vanilla Syrup- The perfect amount of added sweetness.

Delicious, beneficial and practically perfect in every way.

Nitro Coffee

This one’s kinda new to the market, so I thought I would throw it in to prevent you from being blindsided the next time you step up to the coffee shop counter.  Nitro coffee has a name that sounds intimidating, but a taste that will blow your mind. Served on tap, nitro coffee is cold brewed coffee put into a keg, and infused with nitrogen. When poured it looks like a Guinness and tastes oh so smooth. Drink over ice, or just in a glass. Either way you can’t go wrong.

Coffee Affogato

A summer treat that will blow your mind, coffee affogato is the perfect treat for coffee enthusiasts everywhere.  This drink starts with a scoop of creamy, vanilla ice cream and is finished with a shot of frothy espresso. It’s like a rootbeer float on steroids. Enjoy this treat midday or find a shop that’s open in the evening for the perfect dessert. Many shops have even created their own twist on the affogato, using fudgesicles or adding different flavors of ice cream to spice things up!

Equipped with this guide, your favorite sunnies, and your wallet you are ready to hit the downtown streets to find a coffee shop that fits your vibe! Enjoy!

About the Author

​​Ellie is a talented momma, wife and career girl. When she's not fueling up at the local coffee shop, she's busy helping women discover their true potential on Grow Yourself Girl and Buzzy Blogs.

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