March 31, 2018

How To Love What You Do, Even When You Don’t

I can still remember the way the air smelled. It had rained that morning, but as the afternoon approached and the sun came out, it seemed like even the birds were chirping in celebration. It was the day of my college graduation. As I walked down the street towards the quad in my forest green cap and gown with my best girlfriends by my side, I felt invincible. I really had no reason to feel otherwise.  I had obtained my degree in four years, participated in internships, and achieved a decent GPA. I did everything I was supposed to do to be successful after college. I truly believed that I would find my way into the job of my dreams with great benefits and be on my way up the ladder of success in no time.

I was naive.

After graduating college I searched for months to find my first job. My goal was to work full-time for a non-profit organization in development, but jobs were few and far between and I never had enough experience to be qualified.  Eventually, I found myself employed at a call center working second shift. It seemed like total defeat. I wasn’t doing anything near what I had planned or imagined.

To make a long story short, since that first job in the call center, I have moved on…multiple times.  I am on my sixth job title since 2013, and although that may sound extreme I am happy to report that the vision of what I imagined on the day of my college graduation is finally true. I am employed full-time at a non-profit organization in the development department.

Yes, I love my job now, but I went through a lot of jobs that I didn’t. The five job titles that came before this one brought me challenging days of stress, frustration, and dissatisfaction. Despite those feelings, I had to find a way to love what I was doing at the moment, otherwise, I would have walked away defeated and missed many great opportunities for growth.

Here’s how YOU can find a way to love what YOU do.

Find a Sense of Purpose

In every job, there is the opportunity to find a greater sense of purpose.  But, in order to do so, you have to look past the list of daily tasks. One way to find a sense of purpose, even when it seems impossible is to look at the big picture of what your place of employment does.  If you are serving at a restaurant, you could find your sense of purpose in providing people with an enjoyable break from the chaos of the outside world. If you are working in a bank, you can find your sense of purpose in providing people with the tools they need to achieve their financial goals. If you are working as a receptionist, you can find your sense of purpose in providing people with the friendliest interaction of their day and helping them walk away happy. No matter what you do there is always a way to find a purpose, and this purpose will help you get out of bed every morning.

Practice Gratitude

Even in the positions that provided me the most stress and frustration, focusing on gratitude was a way for me to get through the day.  It may sound simplistic and corny, but when I would start thinking about how much I disliked my job, I would change my thought process to being grateful for the fact that I had a job.  One of my cardinal rules is “never complain about something that you choose.” And, since you do CHOOSE your job, and you always have the ability LOOK for a new one, instead of complaining about it, view it as a blessing.

Have Long-Term Vision

Finally, never forget that what you are doing now plays a role in what can happen next in your life. Career paths don’t have to be straight and they don’t have to consist of a series of promotions.  View each position as a stepping stone instead of the end of the road. And, always keep your biggest dreams close to your heart and at the top of your mind. You can and you will accomplish them with hard work, determination and the right mindset.

​About the Author

​Ellie is a talented momma, wife and career girl. When she's not fueling up at the local coffee shop, she's busy helping women discover their true potential on Grow Yourself Girl and Buzzy Blogs.

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