May 23, 2018

Can Art Really Change Your Life?

As a creative entrepreneur and life and success coach, I find myself fascinated by the mental effects of creating art. Depending on how you approach the creative process, art can be a very powerful, very therapeutic form of expression. When I began to better understand the effects of art and how it works with the mind, I realized how necessary it was to incorporate “art playtime” in my life.

​Not only is art healing, but it's a great form of locomotion, helping you break through some of life's toughest roadblocks. 

​Art, like the mind, is a constant act of creation and re-creation. We create images in our heads and then recreate them in our external reality with a variety of media i.e. paint, pictures, graphite, watercolors, clay, fabric, etc. Art can morph as you work through a medium; it can become anything you desire. Similarly, our minds also have a malleable quality, one that is referred to as plasticity. This means that as we shape our thoughts, we also become what we think. As an artist draws a line, she can tell it which way to go and the pen follows. In the same way, as we tell our minds what to think, our actions are expressing our thoughts, and thereby creating a physical, tangible moment.

For people who have no clue how to express deep pain, anger, sadness, fear or any other negative emotions that have been given to them by bad circumstances or conditions, art therapy can work miracles and may actually be a source from which to begin redesigning your life.  Even for those of you who have immense joy and feelings of connection and love, art can release all that you contain to create and design more beauty for your life and the lives of others!

I once painted a picture of my husband. As I drew the outline of his face, I felt my thoughts begin to shift from excited and confident to nervous, to afraid, to judgment. “This could turn out really bad,” I thought, witnessing my thoughts decline and move through to a negative place. As I held the pencil in my hand, I realized the creative power literally at my fingertips. I courageously understood both how dangerous and exciting this power was. If I held on to it, it could affect my entire perception of the image and what I create. I resolved to create with intention. I decided to hold that power with love and purpose.

This is exactly what happens in our lives every day. Every day is a new day. It is a blank virgin canvas. We are creating new memories and recreating memories from the past, both good and bad. ​

​As you heighten your awareness to the fact that your mind is the pencil to your life's drawing, you realize that it has the power to turn your reality into whatever it wants - either beautiful destiny or complete disaster.

​Practicing art for therapy’s sake can offer you a better grip on the incredible power you hold in your mind every day. It is the most liberating and exciting addition to your life - and one that can act as the vehicle that can get you exactly where you want to go.

​About the Author

​​Leanne is a Certified Life and Success Coach in NLP & Time Line Therapy. She is also a mother of two, author, speaker and business intuitive. She's currently living in Los Angeles, CA with her film-producing husband.

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