April 7, 2018

7 Simple Steps for Breaking Your Success Ceiling + Maxing Out Your Potential

​Have you at any point in your career found yourself chugging along on the same mountain as ‘the little engine that could,’ except, rather than going up, you find that you are going around and around saying, “I think I can, I think I can…”? Many successful women find themselves going around the mountain just before they break-thru. What they don’t often realize is that it is easier than they think to blast through the limitations that held them back for years, and finally get to that next tier of life satisfaction and fulfillment.

The seven steps below will help you navigate up the mountain rather than around.

First Step
Acknowledgement. First you’ve got to get real with yourself and acknowledge that you are where you are, again. Yep. A climber who is attempting to climb to a higher altitude must acknowledge base camp aka her starting point. If she loops around and around and never acknowledges the signs and landmarks around her she will never climb higher. To see the your loop for what it is look for times and moments where there is massive resistance, complaining or irritation. Begin witnessing yourself in this uncomfortable space and where else it may happen.

Second Step
​Focus. Create a holding pattern of attention. Now that you have become a witness to the area that is holding you back and keeping you from fulfilling your potential, hold. Fix your attention on this space. Let go of the feeling side of it. Know that this is your ceiling and become massively aware that you are going to crash through this in no time at all. Hold your attention and continue doing what you are doing. Its like holding onto a stress ball with one hand and playing basketball with everything else. It would be so easy to let it go and get caught up in the game of life, but you’ve got to remember what this issue keeps coming up for. Hold on to it and keep playing the game.

Third Step
See Beyond. What is beyond your ceiling? What happens beyond the irritation and complaints? Begin creating a picture with your mind that has more value, more wealth, and different problems to solve. Create the results you want to get. See the results.

Fourth Step
Create a New Platform. Do everything you can do to fill your space and position. The holding pattern that you have created has established a new platform. This space of working, focus, and attention is your starting place. Begin working as hard as you can right here and now. Build the foundation, build the network, expand your degree of value and effort. The ceiling is your new basecamp - not grade school, high school, college, or anything else.   

Fifth Step
Shed Extra Weight. To go higher and farther you have to shed some gear you do not need any longer. Review your stuff. Evaluate what you need to get you higher in life. To live a successful and genuinely satisfying life you do not need much. You may need to drop beliefs that no longer serve you, relationships that aren’t on the same journey as you, and perhaps an old persona or identity that isn’t working. I always love to remind myself, “To get different results, I need to become a different person.”  

Sixth Step
Know Your Value. Know that you have worked hard, feel confident to execute at a higher level and begin reaching out and up. Demonstrate to older peers, new peers, and to yourself that you have all that it takes within you and in your experience to handle whatever may come in the next level. You have all it takes to support them as well and to help them rise. If there aren’t responses, continue to reach up with enthusiasm and persistence. If you work for yourself, stretch yourself to do and give more than you ever have done thus far.

Seventh Step
Commit to Success. The climb up the mountain, rather than going around, is always vertical - duh! Expect to work harder each stretch of the way. But also expect to increase your strength and character too! Give yourself rest, but never settle. Never stop. You may need to cycle through the steps above again so that you can continue to rise.

​Once you go through those seven steps, you should start to see basecamp more clearly? I have - and I know you can do it, sister! Write to us or comment below and let us know what step you are on! We love helping our readers rise to the top - ​no matter which mountain you might be climbing. You've got this!

​About the Author

​Leanne is a Certified Life and Success Coach in NLP & Time Line Therapy. She is also a mother of two, author, speaker and business intuitive. She's currently living in Los Angeles, CA with her film-producing husband.

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